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1. Armyadlcp_2
This is a lead capture page with an armyad showing Nigel Barksfield. Free gifts are 5,000 satoshis and a powerful list building tool.

2. Armyadsplash3.shtml
Don't just build a list, build a sorted, safe list. Software for Apache, cPanel, Sendmail or socket

3. Autovacstore
Get loads of different robots to help you keep the home, office and pool clean.

4. Bitsystemx
5 Minutes to Automatic Income Setup your system in just 5 minutes and start receiving daily payouts your very first day with BitSystemX!

5. Buildmydownlines video lead capture 6
Buildmydownlines can get you sign ups in programs and pay you cash and credits. You can also send solo ads to a responsive list.

6. Cloning Business
This is a blog about cloning inspired by the groundbreaking web site

Free PIF to the first 1,000 members. Revenue sharing, very low cost adpacks. Set up your ads now!

8. Cryptolux
Cryptolux is in pre-ico stage. Get in now to get interest on your cryptocurrency investments.

9. Deliverer Safe List and Click2Sell
Become an affiliate of the one and only Deliverer Safe List Version 4 in partnership with Click2sell.euro

10. Deliverer Safe List Blog
This is the blog of Deliverer Safelist the only sorted safelist on the web. Sort your mail, receive only a trickle- very user friendly. Download your copy and build a network!

11. Deliverer Safe List Faucet at NB
Now you can join the one and only Deliverer Safe List and get 5,000 satoshis free. It only takes a few seconds...

12. Deliverer Safe List Home
This is the home page of the unique Deliverer Safelist. It's the only sorted safelist on the Web.

13. Deliverer Safe List Network software
Now download your own Version 4 available NOW! Safelist with sorted mail and 95% reduced blast feature so you can use your regular mailbox. Silver/Gold upgrades with downloads and sign-ups.

14. Deliverer Voyager Splash
The only sorted safe list on the internet with mail in 5 categories. User-friendly with optional 95% send reduction. It won't flood your mailbox.

15. ecc Thailand
ecc Thailand has branches in many convenient locations in Thailand. Would you like to improve your British English, American English, Chinese, Japanese, Maths, or Computer Studies? Please check our web site...

16. Fans4fans
This is an interesting website where you can get all sorts of likes, shares and so on at social sites like facebook...

17. Freecoins4all
Quality advertising, monetization, revolutionary JSE coin, green computing

18. freetrafficbar
Install an adbar and earn ad credits while surfing. Set up your own ads to show to others. Build downlines.

19. Gazelle
Get a free box and send all your old electronics to this site and get paid CASH! It's that easy! Go green and get cash for trash!

20. Geo-ads
Get geotargeted traffic to your text ads and banners places like te-jv, fan-builder, the optin, etc

21. Globalmoneyline
Get a downline in minutes that grows rapidly everyday at this lead-building website.

22. Globalmoneylineanddeliverer
You must not miss this! You can mail everyone who joins after you. My downline is 200,000 already. No recruiting necessary.

23. Gmlviavtc
Message 500 leads per day who join after you. This is a major Marketing web site and you don't want to miss it.

24. Home gardening advice
Have you just bought your first home, but know nothing about herbs, hollihocks, or harvesting? You might like to investigate this review site with 24/7 chat to answer questions. Enjoy your new garden today!

25. joegeo
JoeGeo is a professional promotion system designed to increase your sales and sign-ups as well as provide you with additional income streams.

26. Lead Generating Tools
Giving away free autoresponders, capture pages, digital products, to help grow your business leads.

27. Leadsleap rotator
This is my rotator with lots of different websites for you to choose from.

28. LettersfromSanta
For $9.95 any child will receive a customized letter from Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas!

29. lightrabbit
Customers - find an electrician in your area. 6,000 reputable listings to choose from. Electricians - get your business listed for free.

30. MatchedBetters
This is a site where you only lose if you make a mistake! Make a sensible monthly income from bookmakers' free bets. Low risk profit!

31. Multiple
Promote many programs with one url here. Many with pay-it-forward facilities.

32. MyFreeAdboard
Post your ads on your own free adboard and then get others to do the same - get leads.

33. MyMegaList-MikeG
Build your list without flooding your mailbox, list builder from Mike Glaspie. The sophisticated viral marketing model is pure genius. Grows passively.

34. blog
This site offers dating, English courses, page insurance, and more

35. English online
Learn English online and turn your web pages pro! Get your entrance test now or check out the interactive Ben Arai web page

36. Store
Posters from AllPosters, my own designs and cards are amongst the items on sale today.

37. Pacific ads
This is an advertising platform where there are matrices to join. Traffic exchange and banners.

38. Paradise Payments
Paradise Payments is a direct sales company. selling targeted display ads, targeted text advertising, and digital downloads. We have a unique and POWERFUL member-to-member payment system that passes a lot of cash directly through members' hands.

39. PSclickpower
$220 in advertising plus INSTANT commissions! 1. Your referrals join your list before they even join the main web site! 2. Your referrals will send their first 4 referrals to YOU! 3. Tap into the traffic stream and get traffic from other members' em

40. Ryan University
Why not register for a listen to a weekly webinar held by Mr Ryan Hauser at Ryan University? He will show you how to earn 6-figures selling digital products online.

41. Ryan's University sales' funnel
This is Ryan Hauser's University sales' funnel which might help you to changes your world.

42. Ryan's University webinar invitation
Ryan's University has a webinar every Thursday to teach how to make money with any traffic source

43. Solar Power King
Tips and advice about solar panels used with RVs to maintain independence from mains power.

44. SolarStirlingEngine
New technology 12% more efficient than solar panels - $49 for book - about $100 to build easily. Lower bills NOW!

45. Tpmrotator
This is a collection of my favourite web sites on a TPM rotator - which is a firm favourite.

46. Tpmrotatorintensive
This is a rotator from TPM with my most recent campaign in 2017.

47. Translatorsbase
Do you want something translated? For free? Just paste it here and the service starts there and then! Great site !

48. Viral ladder 01viral
Add your banner and get some viral traffic to your website with this league system.

49. Viral Traffic Exchange Coop
This is my rotator set up at viraltrafficexchange coop. If you show yours on approved exchanges, you will earn credits.

50. Weight loss diet plan
This web site reviews 7 products designed to help you shed those extra pounds you may have gained over the holidays

51. AmazinGrape Splash video
The main known ingredient of the "Mediterranean" diet, (high in veggies,fish and red wine) is Resveretrol. This diet keeps people thinner,lowers cholesterol, b/p & blood sugar. Muscadine Grapes from NC has 44x the Resveretrol than normal grapes.

52. AmazinGrape Splash video
The main known ingredient of the "Mediterranean" diet, (high in veggies,fish and red wine) is Resveretrol. This diet keeps people thinner,lowers cholesterol, b/p & blood sugar. Muscadine Grapes from NC has 44x the Resveretrol than normal grapes.

53. Affiliate Playbook
Grab This New Bible Of Affiliate Marketing From A Top Marketer While It`s Hot & Free (+ Shipping)!

54. AmazinGrape Splash video
The main known ingredient of the "Mediterranean" diet, (high in veggies,fish and red wine) is Resveretrol. This diet keeps people thinner,lowers cholesterol, b/p & blood sugar. Muscadine Grapes from NC has 44x the Resveretrol than normal grapes.

55. weight loss that works in weeks
Get slim again weight weight loss .watch the video and proceed , and money back guarantee.

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