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This Area is dedicated to advertisers who wish to display banner advertisments on the TrafficG.com, All4Webs.com and FreeRotator.com Networks, there are several packages available to suit all tastes and needs. Within the advertisers member area you will be able to add your banners, track clicks / impressions each banner receives, and order the available banner advertising packages.

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468*60 Pixel Banner Packages!

All repeat orders receive an extra 10%

Pay Per Impression 468*60 Banner Advertising Rate Card
10,000 25,000 50,000 100k 250k 500k
$1 $0.96 $0.93 $0.87 $0.84 $0.81
Cost $10 $24 $46.50 $87 $210 $405
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*** SALE *** Pay Per Click 468*60 Banner Advertising Rate Card *** SALE ***

50 100 250 500 1000 2500
22¢ 12¢ 21¢ 11¢ 20¢ 10¢ 19¢ 9.6¢ 18¢ 17¢ 8.5¢
Cost $11 $6 $21 $11 $50 $25 $95 $48 $180 $90 $425 $212
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Every time your banner is shown on a web page that is classed as one banner impression, how many banner impressions is needed before somebody clicks on a banner ad is always unknown, some banners do very well receive a high click through percentage, while other banners can struggle to receive clicks.

How do guaranteed clicks work?
If a click is assigned to an ad, then it will receive unlimited impressions until the ad receives a click, if multiple clicks are assigned to an ad then the banner ad will be displayed until it receives all the clicks assigned to it, no matter how many impressions it takes.